Oh Hey! I’m Lauren Smith, a Toronto, born and raised event junkie with a serious passion for all things people and event experiences.

An extroverted introvert (who even knew that was a thing?!) at heart, you can either find me being the life of the party at an event, traveling the world looking for the next best retreat destination, or being a hermit on the couch with my rescue pup - (all while having my laptop attached at my hip because TRUTHFULLY, it isn’t work when you love what you do.)

But let’s get down to business. You’re here because you want to know a bit about me and my past. WELL HERE IT GOES! 

My love for events started in my early 20s when I would travel from music festival to festival for what I thought was my “dream job” - traveling the province and handing out free swag and living my best 20-something life. And although I was seemingly having the time of my life, I started to resent one thing…my best creative ideas were being left on the table!  

I noticed something that set me apart from my peers (other 20 somethings looking for a free ticket to the festival or their next photo for the gram.)  

I didn’t just want to hand out the swag.. I wanted to RUN THE EVENT. I had game changing ideas to make the event run smoother, attract more ticket sales and improve the experience… and the worst part?! My ideas were either brushed off (because I was just some 20 something handing out free water bottles) OR my “great idea” would be USED!! And guess who didn’t get any benefit from that … yep, you got it - this girl. 

So, with my new found confidence I left the festival life and got myself the job of a lifetime 

I was busy planning and executing corporate retreats, incentives and conferences for fortune 500 companies and some of Canada’s top financial institutions.  

I was travelling the world and creating unique experiences for top tier executives in the financial industry - it totally was a dream come true!  

I moved to Vancouver, planned 100s of unique events, continued to travel the world finding the next best place to host an event and met countless inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs along the way.  

BUT there was one thing I noticed…  

Most of the entrepreneurs that I met had these beautiful dreams to host these EPIC events, but kept getting hung up on the idea that they couldn’t pull it off because they couldn’t afford the big salary of a corporate event planner. WHAT?! Did I hear that correct? The only thing holding these business owners back from making their dreams come true was the perceived idea that they couldn’t afford “someone like me”.  

So, I did the scariest thing I’ve done so far  

I decided I was gonna solve that problem... 

I moved back home to Toronto (because home truly is where the heart is!), quit my job, starting letting my creative side flow a little bit more, put pen to paper and came up with a business plan. THEN, I started to surround myself with the people I wanted to be like, the people I admired and the people I greatly respected - I mean, you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, right?  

And made it my mission to help entrepreneurs curate perfectly unique event experiences for my clients that ultimately help them not only turn a profit but convert their attendees into RAVING FANS of their brand, their business and THEM!  

I help passionate entrepreneurs create CONNECTION with their community. 

Because you wanna know what truly lights me up? 

Sets my soul on fire? 


I crave it.

I search for it.

 I HAVE to create it.  

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