You’ve spent months and MONTHS dreaming of the perfect insta-worthy retreat, conference, meeting or incentive that will boost your business while shining a spotlight on you, your skills & the epic sh*t you have to offer. 

Nothing beats the vibe, energy & transformation that is created when you bring together a group of committed and driven attendees who are FOCUSED and on the path of creating change and growth for themselves and their business!  

You want people to fall in LOVE with the business that you’ve built while having a once in a lifetime experience.

You simply cannot get that kind of transformation being behind a laptop, and you certainly can’t get that kind of intimacy and connection through the digital world we live in.  

Uniquely curated events, I believe are a pathway to really changing the world, and I want to help you make yours PROFITABLE so you can continue to let your creative mind wander + keep doing event after event!  

You want this event to be something people can’t stop talking about

an avenue for increasing your revenue, and the perfect and genuine way get you more clients and drive sales through the roof - you truly want to build an attendee base of RAVING FANS!  

BUUUUUUTT, when it comes to putting all the mundane details together - managing the transportation, choosing the food and beverage, figuring out the sponsorship logistics and locking down the budget, you start to break out in hives and just have NO freaking idea where to start to pull off this event like A PRO.  

Wish you could just focus on SHOWING UP and sharing your expertise with your audience 

while someone ELSE worries about calling the caterer, making sure the venue is booked, figuring out what the heck kind of food to serve all while making sure you keep within budget AND creating an epic experience?!  

Well that’s exactly why I created...

  • Create a memorable, insta-worthy event experience that will leave your attendees so in love with your business that they ALREADY can’t wait for the next event
  • Make all of your sponsorship dreams come true by partnering with brands that truly align with your vibe 
  • Build an event that looks chic AF, but on an entrepreneur budget
  • Have someone else focus on all the details of making your event come to life so you can continue to focus on building your business.  

I will take you through my EXACT and proven EVENT CREATION + FLAWLESS EXECUTION PROCESS to bring your event vision to life.  

This exact process has taken numerous events out of the red (GASP!) and soaring into the green, posted ALL OVER social media all while giving those not in attendance major FOMO (in the best possible way of course!)  

is a personalized system that will help create a unique + tailored experience that reflects YOU and YOUR brand to your attendees - having them walk away more in love with you than ever before. Who doesn’t love a little army of raving fans, am I right?!  

Here are the phases that I will go through to make epic sh*t happen and create YOUR dream retreat+

Remember, I will be taking years of experience, trials & tribulations, countless different event build outs and hours and hours of education to make sure that this event is perfect for you

It’s time to sit back, relax + let the games begin!  

PHASE 1: Plan Your Dream Event

  •  Let’s chat vision! Let me in on you, your VIBE + your goals for this event
  •  Here, I will build out the perfect timeline to make all your event dreams come true so you know what is being worked on and when it will be completed
  •  I will get busy crafting up my master plan to turn your passion into profit, through hosting the most on-brand event

PHASE 2: Making Your Event Profitable

  • Time to hammer out your profit plan – here we will make sure we are aligned on how you envision this event playing out financially!
  • I’ll share with you my step by step guide to scaling your profit vs. expenses
  • I will share with you tips + tools for how to strategically price your tickets for maximum profit 

PHASE 3: Event Outline & Master Plan

  • Sit back & relax while I craft up a detailed master event plan
  •  Here, I will hand you the outline of your dream event + all the exciting things included to truly make this not only memorable but IMPACTFUL
  • Let’s make sure we’re still aligned – here we will hop on a brief call to share the first concept, take your feedback and come back to you with the event of your dreams

PHASE 4: Contracts, Negotiations & Paperwork

  • Don’t worry, I will make the boring AF contract phase simple & easy to get through
  • All contracts will be personally negotiated + tailored to you and your event – no more templated, one size fits all approach when it comes to your special event
  • What to expect: say goodbye to the hard to read, frustrating contracts you’re used to. Here, I will provide you with a highly detailed step by step process for putting pen to paper & ACTUALLY making sh*t happen

PHASE 5: Bring Your Event to Life w/ Logistics

  • Now I get to WORK on truly bringing your vision to life. Here is where I will choose the food and beverage, propose gifting ideas, lock down our activity schedule, facilitate all of the decor, guest transfers, etc
  • Let me bring the WOW factor to life.
  • This is where we get creative with the small touches, the things that really make your event YOU, time to make your event something that your guests remember and STAND OUT
  • It’s truly time to sit back, relax + watch the magic unfold 



"I just have to say… I am hosted by great organizations all over the world… And of all those organizations I am never taken care of as well as Lauren goes out of her way to take care of me while I am with you.  

I teach how to WOW, but Lauren is THE ABSOLUTE BEST at it.  

I’ve never experienced better. She is amazing. She really adds magic to the event experience.  

Her example will go in my HPF slide deck as an example of HOW TO WOW that will go on to influence influencers all over the world.  

You have a real superstar in your midst. Congratulations."


Hey, Lauren Here!

Event Planner, founder of Toronto Business Babes and the mastermind behind your dream event!  

I’ve spent YEARS planning corporate meetings, conferences + incentive retreats for big brand names across North American and spent my spare (or lack of!) time focused creating memorable + impactful events for the busy Toronto entrepreneur.  

One BIG thing I kept coming across while spending time with entrepreneurs + business professionals at these events, was that WAY TOO MANY of them were planning their own retreats, events + conferences which lead to lackluster results, no satisfaction with the final product, lack of community (and client!) engagement and some events even ending up GOING INTO DEBT!  

That’s when I’d had enough!  

I designed the "YOUR DREAM RETREAT+" program to break down barriers and to bring the smooth and memorable experience of extraordinary events to corporate teams AND entrepreneurs looking to give their guests the experience of a lifetime and turn them into raving fans!  

I am excited to finally share with you my years of planning experience tied with my passion for creating change and my love for truly creating a WOW moment so you can host your dream event and have your clients fall head over heels!

When we are done working together you WILL:

  •  Have a perfectly curated event that speaks to your audience, generates revenue + has your waitlist filled up for the next event
  •  Have perfected the strategy on how to properly price your event while giving value to your attendees for their dollars invested
  •  Know exactly how to sell a sponsorship to your ideal target partner 
  •  Have successfully turned your million-dollar idea into a reality!


1. I love event planning myself, but I am finding more and more that I don't have the time to PROPERLY do it myself - help me understand how this might work? You ABSOLUTELY can plan an event by yourself – there are resources out there to help you do this. However, I have spent my whole career perfecting the process, building the relationships + getting my zen on to be able to take this stress off your plate and allow you to focus on YOUR business – why stress the EFF out when I can do that for you?!

2. Pre-planning support is exactly what I need, but what happens on site? Another amazing question! You can choose to have me on site to help execute your flawless event, or I can provide you with a detailed event execution package so you can put your event planner hat on and DIY it! 

3. Im on a tight schedule, how involved will I be in this process? As MUCH or as little as you’d like! If you want to be in the know for every small detail, GREAT – let’s get this done but if you want to simply show up the day of your event and trust that I’ve turned your dreams into a reality, then I gotchu, dude.

4. My event isn't necessary cookie cutter concept, I have a unique ideas and some different requests - are there any things off limits?! The more unique, the BETTER! This is the part of events that I absolutely LOVE, it's our opportunity to really think outside of the box and make sure that your event stays true to you! I've spent years curating relationships all over the world to make sure I have the connections in place to truly make magic happen!