Host Your First Event In 3 Easy Steps..

Get instant access to my fool proof 3 step process to mapping out your dream event!

Imagine having a curated plan specific to you, your business and your dream event that is done for you

Creating unique & memorable experiences is kinda our jam. No but seriously, we have built a business on the foundation of curating experiences so memorable that your attendees leave wondering how the heck you knew them so well, how you were 10 steps ahead of them and how you could possibly pull off such a once in a life time experience!

This process is simple. First, you brain dump your epic idea by following my proven step by step process, then let someone else worry about calling the caterer, making sure the venue is booked, working through all the tedious logistics and keeping track of all your attendees! 

All you need to focus on is showing up


A little bit about moi!

Former corporate ladder climber turned creative entrepreneur, leader of Toronto Business Babes and the mastermind behind making your dream event come to life! 

I've spent the better part of 10 years in the event industry crafting up the next creative ideas, thinking outside the box and often spending my time convincing people that the impossible is actually in fact, possible! 


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn...

  • it's time to dig deep & truly understand your why
  • let's talk the sexy stuff! Your numbers, your margins & your PROFIT
  • what's next? a step by step guide (with cheat sheets!) to set you up for success